Win the Offseason with a Strength and Conditioning Program

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A coach can lay the groundwork for a successful preseason by keeping players engaged and motivated throughout the summer.

A coach may find it easy to motivate a player when he can hang the figurative cookie of a Friday night game in front of a player’s face and demand maximum effort for a couple of days.

Finding a way to motivate players may not be as easy for a coach during the summer months, when games are on the distant horizon, and distractions are plentiful.

However, we all know the best teams always seem to have the most productive summers.

The summer is a time for players to get stronger, faster and better-conditioned. The only way for a coach to achieve that goal is to provide a structured program for his players, and ample motivation along the way.

Players today are interested in what’s new. What are the latest developments in strength and conditioning? What workouts will help them play faster on Friday night?

We attempt to answer those questions this month through our cover theme – strength and conditioning. High school football has become a year-round sport, and that requires a year-round commitment to strength training, conditioning, speed workouts, nutrition and recovery.

Follow along as we relay information we’ve gathered from experts in the field in attempt to make you – the coach – better prepared for the upcoming season.

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