White Oak (TX) Team Moms Provide a Support System


Staff Report

Pregame meals, snack bags, fundraising, marketing through social media, get-well cards for injured players, in-team communication – these are just some of the ways in which the White Oak (TX) Team Moms support the Roughnecks.

For all of the giving the White Oak Team Moms do for their Roughnecks, it’s only appropriate they should cap their season with the receipt of a reward for their time and effort. The White Oak Team Moms deservedly won the 2016 Friday Night Football Team Moms Contest, sponsored by Samsung. The White Oak moms received 1,604 votes on their way to winning the contest for the state of Texas. White Oak earned the winning prize of $1,000 in the form of a donation to the football program.

This fall, FNF magazine set out to determine the school that boasted the best collection of football moms through an online vote at www.FNFMagazine.com/moms/.

According to White Oak Team Mom Jennifer Hearron, the $1,000 donation will go directly to the needs of the football players.

“We provide food for pre-game meals, bags of goodies to lift the spirits of injured players, locker room updates and maintenance, and hopefully a charter bus for a deep playoff game,” Hearron said.

White Oak Team Mom Patience Reeves became aware of the contest through the FNF Twitter account (@FNFMag) in 2013 when her oldest son’s team was on the cover of FNF Magazine as part of the Custom Cover Project (www.CustomCoverProject.com/).

“I knew this year’s group had to enter it because in all of the years I’ve been a Roughneck Football Mom, I’ve never experience a group like we have this year,” Reeves said. “It is truly a circle of love and trust. I’m going to miss meeting all of these Mommas under the lights every Friday night.”


Q&A with the White Oak Team Moms

What activities do the Roughneck Moms lead to support the program?

Robin Hood: “Our club supports our football team weekly through our prayer circle on Thursday nights. We set out varsity uniforms with encouraging notes and host a team dinner before each game. The Roughneck moms also provide a hot lunch on Saturdays for the coaches while they are working at the field house. One of the  most important responsibilities is our outreach position. We send a “get well” goody bag or card to our injured Roughneck players as well as to our injured opponents. Our goal is for our boys to become men of character through the game of football.”

What is the key to assembling such an organized, motivated group of football moms?

April Laughlin: “Prayer and communication. We come together to pray for our Roughnecks not just on Thursday and Friday nights, but every day of the week. We communicate with one another and meet the needs of our Roughnecks from the coaches, players and families. It is just overwhelming to sit back and see our community stand behind our Roughnecks and know that it is #WeNotMe!”

Leann Kienzle: “Personally, I think the key to assembling such an organized, motivated group of football moms, is no selfishness. We, as moms, are a part of this group for every single athlete on and off that field at any given time. We pray not only together, but when apart, for each one of them, along with trainers, coaches, family members and fans. The boys’ motto for this season is “WeNotMe.” That’s also for us as a whole. We always have each other’s backs, whether it’s cleaning their son’s cleats, putting their uniforms out, or just dropping him a few lines of encouragement on a Thursday night if their mom was not able to be there. Organization comes with a team of moms working together to make it all run more smoothly, but we do have that one mom in the front seat as the driver for all of us.”

What is the Friday night football experience like for the Roughneck Team Moms? Do you watch together? Or are the mothers too busy with volunteer responsibilities to watch?

Misty Green: “The experience of being a Roughneck football mom is undoubtedly like no other. Before the game starts, we pray together for safety and fair game-calling. As the boys come onto the field, we cheer them on with chants and high-fives and they return the love with hugs to their moms. In the stands we sit relatively near one another to cheer our boys on to victory. When one of our boys makes a great play, we all stand up and cheer. When the boys look like they are down, the moms are the first on their feet to get their spirits back up! At the end of the game, win or lose, we all go onto the field and greet our players with clapping and cheering. As a team of moms, we love each other just as much as we love our Roughnecks!”

Sharon Langley: “We as Roughneck moms watch our boys play ball when the time comes. Yes, we volunteer and do stuff before kickoff, but when it’s time to play ball, they have all of our attention. We come together and yell and praise and cheer them on for the whole game! Whether they are winning or losing, we cheer and make sure they know we are there. When they look up to those stands, they see us. We pray for the best outcome and that no one gets hurt. We are there at the beginning of the game and at the end of the game. We as football moms love the end of the games when we get our pictures and hugs, and get to tell our boys once more, ‘Way to go … Good job.’ We love our boys. We all love our boys. This experience is one we won’t ever forget and will always cherish and be proud of because we are 100-percent dedicated to our Roughnecks.”