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  • Off-Season Training

“Physical talent without mental or physical toughness leads to unfulfilled potential. It takes a mentality to maximize one’s potential. #Ap2w” — @dukecoachdj


“Players: One thing you can instantly do to work on your mental toughness is to stop the “under your breath” reactions to constructive criticism. They are trying to teach you & help you eliminate mistakes. Time & place for everything, but do yourself a favor, shut up & listen.” — @CoachJonBeck


Recruiting Tips

“Everybody wants offers.

Everybody wants to post “Blessed to receive.”

Everybody wants official visits & pictures in jerseys.

Few want to do the work required to be great.

Very few love the process.

Even fewer can handle the sacrifice and dedication college football requires.” — @CoachCoxTXWES


“HS kids. These NFL prospects are so fast being in the 225lbs – 325lbs range because of the astounding power and strength they have in their lower body. Get in the weight room! Train properly, stretch frequently, eat cleanly, go to bed early, nightly!” — @SifuSullivan