What’s on your phone? Cedar Hill (Texas) coach DJ Mann shares favorite apps

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Editor

Each week, FNF Coaches will interview a coach about his favorite apps and coaching technology. 

Like many coaches, Cedar Hill High (Texas) quarterbacks coach and recruiting coordinator D.J. Mann is always trying to stay out in front of the changing technology in high school football. He recently connected with FNF Coaches to share information about his favorite apps.

What are the five apps you use the most — football or non-football?

Twitter, Facebook, Football Friday, ESPN, Tidal.

What app helps you most with your coaching?

“Twitter. I use it a lot for recruiting and finding different coaching things.”

How do you get your football news?

“I get my football news from Twitter, and I use the Football Friday app for scores.”

Are you using any new apps to help with your coaching during the pandemic? Or using any apps differently?

“Getting information from Twitter has helped during the pandemic. I don’t think apps have changed the way I coach.”

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