Five Ways to Create a Cleaner Football Experience

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

A coach looking to improve his team’s facilities on a fixed budget might consider starting with one of these five areas:

  1. Scoreboard
  2. Locker Room Walls
  3. Lockers
  4. Locker Room Storage
  5. Training Table




One piece of equipment that every fan sees throughout the course of a game is the scoreboard. With so many eyes fixed on the score and time, a scoreboard offers a football program an opportunity to showcase the latest technology. Eversan ( and Daktronics ( are two of the industry leaders when it comes to high school facilities. The latest breaks in technology include hi-definition video, ultra-bright full-color LED lighting and wireless data transfer capabilities. Daktronics offers a sports marketing team for coaches who are looking for fundraising guidance. Take inventory throughout the school to see if other teams might need of similar upgrades as part of a package deal.


Change the feel of a locker room, weight room or athletic office by covering the walls in inspirational art that is specific to your team. Fathead Athletic Solutions, LLC ( and Big Signs ( both provide services to high school teams looking to cover bland walls with graphics and images. A coaching staff can customize the project so that it includes school logos, photos of players, inspirational messages and more. The company then installs the customized design in the locker room, stadium or athletic facility. These same companies also paint logos on the field.


One way to bring a team facility into the 21st century is to upgrade the lockers. Longhorn Lockers ( offers a team an opportunity to customize lockers to fit its needs and wants. While many teams are still using the metal cages, the latest technology allows coaches to purchase lockers in all sizes, shapes and materials. For coaches looking for more of a country club theme, wood lockers with solid doors might be the way to go. Plastic lockers are durable and long-lasting. Lockers can be designed so that players sit inside or in front of the space. A locker can also be customized with engraved team names, logos or athlete nameplates.


Another behind-the-scenes facilities upgrade for football coaches is improved locker room equipment. GearBoss ( can help coaches in all aspects of the athletic program, from lockers, to storage, to equipment transport and fundraising solutions. Sometimes improving the quality of a locker room is simply a matter of organizing the equipment. GearBoss provides high-density storage products to keep equipment in one place – and out of the way of the players. The latest high-density storage systems make better use of available space with a new system of space-saving organization. A coach can save time and money by keeping inventory in better condition. A mobile kiosk is perfect for coaches that need to move equipment around a facility and ensure that nothing is lost or damaged in the process.


AN IMPROVEMENT TO THE TRAINING ROOM can ensure that athletes are receiving the best treatment and care in the most sanitary environment. Impact Athletic ( specializes in training room equipment such as tables, tubs and storage units. Make sure that the athletic training staff is able to perform at its best with safe, sanitary equipment. Impact Athletic also offers teams an opportunity to customize training staff equipment with team colors, mascots and logos. Impact Athletic’s most recent technology, the Medic XL Training Table, comes with onboard storage and all-terrain wheels. When a player is injured on the field, a coach wants to show his commitment to the safety and well-being of his team by having the latest technology in training staff equipment.

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