Watch This LSU Tackling Drill for Linebackers (1:33)


Every coach wants his linebackers to have gap responsibility. That means a linebacker will work from sideline to sideline with his shoulders square to the line of scrimmage on running plays, and wait for the ball-carrier to choose his gap.

How do you practice that?

Here’s a drill implemented by LSU assistant coach Brick Haley. It can be done in slow motion — and is more of a thud drill rather than one in which the linebacker takes the ball-carrier to the ground. The ball-carrier will inch along between inflatable pads on the ground, which simulate offensive linemen. When the ball-carrier chooses the hole, the linebacker puts himself in tackling position and explodes through the ball-carrier’s chest.

Share this drill with your defensive coordinator and/or linebackers coach for the 2017 season.

Watch the video on YouTube.

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