Video: Snap Attack Football Machine Delivers with Updated Design

Source: Snap Attack

Tommy Barber, product manager for Snap Attack, shares the innovations and improvements to the Snap Attack machine.

The Sports Attack Aerial Attack can simulate punts, kicks, passes and snaps so that coaches can limit player fatigue and maximize practice reps. The Snap Attack can pivot instantly in any direction and provide accurate passes, punts and kickoffs to any location on the field.

The Aerial Attack is also considered safer than the products made by competitors because of its solid polyurethane throwing wheels. Legendary coach Bill Walsh preferred polyurethane and wheels to inflatable tires and a motor, and now the Snap Attack’s model is the standard across the NFL.

“Our machine is safe because it’s covered in plastic,” Barber said. “Coaches can adjust it while it’s going full speed. Nobody is sticking their hands in wheels because it’s protected. There’s no additional equipment needed.”

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