Video: How to Avoid ACL Tears in Football

Source: Dr. Chris Raynor

Coaches — As we prepare for a return to play across all levels of football, it’s important to start thinking about injury prevention. We all have an idea of what players have been doing as far as training during the stay-at-home period, but we can’t be 100 percent sure until we see them in action.

Rather than rush them back, take the time to prepare them to ramp up in a healthy and safe way.

Dr. Chris Raynor, orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist, specializes in ACL tears. We know this is a common injury in football. It occurs frequently in athletes who participate in sports that involve jumping, twisting, pivoting, or direction change. The long-term consequences from this injury can be quite serious. However, there are ways to decrease the chances of suffering an ACL tear.

Watch this video to find out what this injury is and how to avoid it.

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