Video: Extreme At-Home Stair Workout

Source: Brett Cap YouTube

Even if you have players who live in one-story houses or apartments, they should be able to find a set of stairs somewhere in the area.

The purpose of it is to simply help those athletes who want to keep up with the many new wrinkles of health and fitness.

You can perform these exercises on the stairs at your house, bleacher stairs, stairwells, etc.

BEGINNERS: If you can only use a few of the stairs, that is fine. Do these movements as best as you can and gradually increase the amount of stairs you track as you go.

ADVANCED: Don’t skip any stairs! You can get a much greater burn doing these on BLEACHERS. If you have a football, track, or any type of field that has bleachers- perform these workouts with those type of stairs!

DON’T FORGET: if you really want to see gains in certain areas of your body, you need to first know your body, and then make sure you are getting the proper amount of food in your body based on your fitness routine!


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