Veteran Coach: 8 Ways to Make Football Safer

Source: The Frederick News-Post (Md.)

Longtime Maryland high school coach Hal Graru recently responded to an editorial about safety and concussion protocol in The Frederick News-Post with a list of eight ways to make football safer. Here is his list.

  • No tackle football until age 13.
  • At age 13-14, there should be middle school contact football teams that are coached by certified and trained school-system personnel.
  • Players should be equipped with the safest headgear available on the market.
  • Coaches of teams at every level (middle, high, college and pro) should adhere to rules governing the amount of live contact in practice.
  • Coaches should receive instruction each year on drills developed to work on fundamentals that promote incremental periods of contact involving blocking and tackling.
  • Limit 11-on-11 live contact in practice. Instead, use smaller groups like half-line of scrimmage, or isolate a particular combination of players in live drills where only one offensive and one defensive player are actually hitting full speed.
  • Emphasize tackling without using the helmet as a weapon. Spearing should NEVER be tolerated, in game or in practice.
  • Players need to be educated about head injuries and cautioned about masking concussion symptoms in an effort to appear macho.

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