Use the Anchor Audio Portable Sound Systems at practice

By Matt Starr, Founder of Sideline Power

Having a sound system that is portable doesn’t do you any good if the battery isn’t going to last the length of your event. When you are looking for the best battery life on the market, you won’t find any better than Anchor Audio.

I’m Matt Starr, Founder and CEO of Sideline Power. Sideline Power works to find and bring cutting-edge technology to the football industry in order to help coaches win. Sideline Power has partnered with FNF Coaches to create an educational article each month on various innovative products. It’s time to get #PoweredUP with this month’s featured product, portable sound systems.

While most stadiums are wired for sound, it is relatively inconvenient to use audio systems during practice, especially when most teams practice on a completely different field. It is also extremely time-consuming to get a traditional sound system out to the practice field, run power and cables – all while steering clear of any area a player might navigate during a practice.

Enter portable sound systems. As the name suggests, they are easily portable, and take only seconds to set up. They are scalable, so you can add additional speaker sets as needed. There are a variety of sizes, so you can choose a system that best fits your program and need. Most importantly, they are multi-purpose.

With a portable sound system, you aren’t limited to one application. The sound system can be used for various applications around campus like pep rallies, track meets, school-wide assemblies, marching band and color guard practices. If you need a speaker for an event, a portable sound system is a practical and easy way to get it done.

But what makes a good portable sound system? The most important thing is battery capacity and run time. With up to eight hours of run time, Anchor portable sound systems easily cover almost any event imaginable.

Next, you really want something that is durable. There is no sense spending money on a product that could break easily. You need durability for indoor and outdoor environments. Anchor is SO confident in its products that the company offers a six-year warranty on all products.

Finally, it needs to be easy to use. Anchor portable sound systems take less than 10 minutes to set up initially and mere seconds to set up and use every time after.

As I mentioned earlier, scalability is key. With Anchor AIR, you can wirelessly connect multiple companion speakers to increase coverage without changing your base systems.

So, the real question is: How big do you need to go? That depends on how you want to primarily use your system. An Anchor Go Getter will reach crowds of 500-plus, while the Anchor Bigfoot will reach crowds of 5,000-plus. The Beacon is a fantastic option for those who want to reach large crowds, but also want a speaker array that packs down to the size of a large suitcase.

For help finding the right Anchor Portable Sound System for your program and school, visit or call 800-496-4290, and see how we can help your program get #PoweredUP.

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