Use Technology to Adjust in Game

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor
The 2015 national high school coach of the year, Centennial (CA) coach Matt Logan, has a bit of a unique routine during games. When his team is on offense, he calls the plays. When his team is on defense, he finds the nearest iPad or television monitor.


US Snowboarding coach Peter Foley (left) and gold-medalist Sage Kotsenburg 

Logan is one of the first high school coaches in the nation to use Reveal Sideline Replay from Insight Replay, a video system that provides coaches and players the opportunity to watch replay on the sideline during games. Reveal Sideline Replay software captures video in real-time from multiple cameras, organizes the video clips in sequence and allows coaches and players to watch any clip on-demand from a tablet, smartphone or monitor.

Logan couldn’t have been happier with his experience using Reveal Sideline Replay for the first time in 2015. Centennial went 14-1 and finished as the runner-up in the state Open Division. He was named USA Today All-USA Coach of the Year.

“It’s really simple,” Logan said. “As soon as a series is over, I go over and watch every play of the previous drive. It’s a push of a button, and we take care of our mistakes. ‘Look, we blocked this wrong. We need to look for this read first.’ It’s an instant teaching tool on the sideline.”

Reveal Sideline Replay gives coaches opportunities to make in-game adjustments rather than waiting for halftime or the postgame film session. Since Reveal Sideline Replay organizes the video clips by time, date and location, it saves coaches time that would otherwise be spent editing video.

“It gives us the opportunity to evaluate what we’re doing in real time,” Logan said. “It’s like having a film meeting the day after the game – but when there’s still time to make adjustments. We’ve seen it; it is hugely beneficial on game night.”

Insight Replay Co-Founder Graham Clarke believes another benefit of using the replay system is that it improves the communication between coach and player.

“One of the things we hear a lot is you don’t have to rely on the kids to tell you what’s going on,” Clarke said. “It helps confirm what you think you see on the field. It changes the dynamic between coach and player. It’s not the coach telling a player they made a mistake, and the player thinking their coach has no idea what he’s talking about. It gives everyone the information they need to understand what went wrong so they can work together to fix it, right then and there.”

Logan and his staff became so efficient using Insight Replay that they occasionally reviewed plays in the brief moments during timeouts. He was strategic about the positioning of his sideline monitors so that players could easily access them.

Since the release of Reveal Sideline Replay to high school football teams in 2015, Clarke has seen coaches use the system with varying degrees of success.

“Coaches need to be organized about how they handle all of this video, and what they’re going to do with it,” Clarke said.


Clarke and U.S. Snowboarding head coach Peter Foley started working together in the summer of 2013. Their initial focus was improving the portable video replay systems Foley had been using with the US Snowboard team since 2010. These systems provided athletes and coaches with immediate video feedback.

By the time of the 2014 Winter Olympics, Insight Replay had five teams using their Reveal systems. Athletes on those teams had a lot of success at the Olympics, winning 13 medals combined. The video replay system has also become a regular at the Winter X Games where Foley’s snowboard teams have been using it since 2011.

Insight Replay entered the market for high school football in 2015.