UNLV Coach on Sideline Replay: ‘High School Is More Advanced’

By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

UNLV coach Tony Sanchez became a rising star in coaching circles after spending six seasons leading Bishop Gorman (Nev.) to an overall record of 85-5 and six consecutive state 4A championships. His 2014 top-ranked Gaels squad finished 15-0 and won the national championship.

What type of new technology did you incorporate during your time at Bishop Gorman? Did you have sideline replay, end-zone cameras, game-planning software, etc.?

“We were introduced to all of that. We used end-zone cameras and sideline replay. HUDL really revolutionized football. Even here, players watch film from practice on HUDL. We used to film the entire practice at Bishop Gorman, then use it to teach better techniques. On game day, we used iPads on the sideline, which was huge. Being able to see guys lined up and not rely on the info from the booth. We were making adjustments we can’t make at the college level. High school is a little more advanced when it comes to game-day technology. Some of those things saved on prep time and installation time because you could react better in-game.”

Do you ever get overwhelmed by new technology?

“I think some of it is good, some of it is overkill. The big thing is time management. Spend time with the staff and see what makes sense for you. People have success with different kinds of technology.”

Do you monitor your players’ nutrition or workload with data software?

“We do, and that’s another thing that didn’t exist when I got here. The football team had no relationship with the nutrition department. It was just grab-and-go stuff. We have grad students now who cook for the guys. The grab-and-go stuff is oatmeal and fruit. Now, we have stuff for them after each lift. They can sit down and eat a full meal or have a smoothie. We’re breaking ground on a new facility with a 125-seat full kitchen. We’re specific about what we monitor without watching every single thing. We have our players take field trips to the grocery store with the nutritionist to teach them how to grocery shop. We show them how to stretch $100 and still eat healthy and feel full after a meal.”

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