Two Alternatives to HUDL for Video: QwikCut, Sport Scope

By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Editor

Editor’s note: This story originally ran in the Summer edition of FNF Coaches.

Some coaches express frustration that there are very few alternatives to using HUDL for recording and sharing game film. However, companies do exist that offer less expensive options with other benefits as well.

QwikCut Video and Analytics

QwikCut Founder Todd DeNoyer and his team began marketing to high school teams in August after building momentum over the last four years. He offered these benefits to using QwikCut.

Unlimited storage

Just like you hate when your iPhone asks you to pay more for additional iCloud space, you won’t like it when HUDL forces you to pay more to store your own videos.

Less expensive

HUDL’s unlimited storage plan checks in at around $3,300. QwikCut’s unlimited storage plan is $600.

Interactive for fans

QwikCut’s team pages include fan pages. A school can sell access to parents, grandparents and other relatives to view videos of practices and games.

Uploads live

The mobile app allows coaches to upload live. The videos are posted clip by clip with just a 2-3 second lag time. Fans can post videos to social media 2-3 seconds after a play is shared. It allows users to share instant replay at their fingerprints.

Player grading

Position coaches can go on the platform and grade players. The players receive the feedback through their individual profiles.

Photo library

The photo library is a big draw for athletes, who love looking at their own action shots. Uploading photos gives athletes access to all media from games.

Social media platform

QwikCut takes the functionality of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and provides a platform for specifically for athletes. College coaches can search profiles for height, weight, position, GPA and video highlights.



Sport Scope EDGE Replay

Sport Scope EDGE Instant Replay allows offensive, defensive, and special teams coaches to filter the play tags that matter most to them. In doing so, the app is tailored to their position and instruction style.

Sport Scope co-founder Derek Taylor shared five advantages of using the EDGE Replay system.

Reliability of network

The EDGE Replay system offers superior reliability with better antennas and a three-point network. The customers are getting more for what they pay for.


The EDGE Replay system starts at $499 annually. Even a two-angle HUDL replay system costs about $1,500 annually.

Smart camera control

The EDGE Replay system allows coaches to synch the system with end zone cameras, which the coaches can control from the press box. It cuts down on the film staff and saves the team money.

Hardware technology

Sport Scope builds its own hardware made specifically for replay systems. Other products rely on a streaming box to do something it is not intended to do.

Live streaming capabilities

The EDGE Replay system has more features. One example: It gives coaches the ability to live stream from replay equipment with no extra staff needed. The live stream can be set up behind a pay wall so fans are charged ticket prices. The livestream feed can also accept donations to the program.