Train Your Players’ Eyes with ProgVectra

By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

 ProgVectra has designed a system for high school football players to train their eyes.

Just as players spend countless hours in the weight room and on the practice field to give themselves the best chance of succeeding at competition, they can spend time training their eyes to increase the speed and span of their vision and improve cognitive processing.

A football player must respond aggressively to the play unfolding in front of him in a matter of milliseconds; otherwise, the play may have passed him by. ProgVectra trains players to make those split-second decisions by expanding field awareness and quickly delivering the information to inform the mind and initiate movement.

ProgVectra offers two types of training:

  • A hardware board that takes measurements and checks reaction time and mind-processing time.
  • An interactive video projected onto a wall to increase hand-eye coordination.

ProgVectra CEO Robert A. Orsillo, OD, FAAO, and his staff have worked closely with the Florida State football team, and many current NFL players.

“We find that athletes react a lot quicker after our training,” Orsillo said. “They’re more confident when they play. One of the coaches calls it trusting their eyes. People think that when a player makes something great happen, he has great anticipation. It’s not anticipation if you’ve prepared for the moment through training.”

Orsillo has also noticed a direct relationship between vision training and overcoming concussions.

“Recovery time seems to be a lot quicker,” Orsillo said. “When the visual vortex is damaged with a concussion, you can’t get information properly. If you can’t think, you can’t react. This is a way to train yourself back into a healthier lifestyle.”


Game Changer

“A player will find that it’s almost an instinct like he fought a battle before it happened,” Orsillo said. “His brain is processing things, and he’s reacting quicker than ever before.”

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