The Piece of Practice Gear That Perfects Technique

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All coaches know the feeling of standing over a drill and stressing the message of perfect technique over and over again. Krausko has created products that help coaches avoid those coaching moments. The Krausko Colt Pro and Muzzle reinforce perfect practice technique.

BAD HABITS CAN be formed with outdated equipment. As training equipment has evolved both on and off the football field, the basic blocking shield has become a primitive tool for drill work.

At every position, the Krausko Colt Pro offers coaches an opportunity to upgrade their current portfolio of drills. Every coach and player benefits from more realistic training at 100 percent speed and physicality.

The Colt facilitates meaningful game-speed reps by providing a tool for players to work on hand placement and footwork, without the wear and tear of a full-pads practice. “The Colt Pro is hand-held, so it’s always incorporating movement,” said Krausko Founder Jeff Kraus. “It’s spring-loaded, and the arms don’t come off.”

The Colt Pro has been used in the NFL by the Green Bay Packers, as well as some of the biggest college programs in the nation such as Michigan, Michigan State and Missouri.

The Colt, which also comes in a Youth Colt size for pee-wee players, helps players isolate their hand placement and focus on footwork. For coaches that stress a blocking technique that includes getting low and inside the shoulder plate, the Colt is the perfect piece of equipment.

“It includes shoulder pads on it, so it has realistic strike points on the ‘V’ of the neck or breast plate,” Kraus said. “It’s versatile for multiple positions. It’s great for linemen, but it can also be used to teach defensive players to shed blocks or wide receivers to get off bump-and-run coverage.”

Krausko also offers another tool to help players improve muscle memory – the Muzzle. These mitts, which weigh less than a pound each, are constructed using magnetic technology to instill proper hand position for players.

With magnets strategically placed on the insides of the wrists, it forces players to practice the proper technique of “hands in, thumbs up” while blocking. The gloves make it impossible for players to hold, which forces them to use their feet for positioning while blocking.

The Muzzle, which is used by the Stanford University football team, uses the magnetic technology to force a player’s hands to shear apart. This forces the blocker to utilize his punches efficiently regardless of the type of pass rush.

“The offensive line mitts are engineered to improve punch and hand technique while drastically increasing foot speed,” Kraus said. “The magnetic technology forces players to create perfect hands with their elbows in and their thumbs up.”

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THE COLT PRO: A hand-held shield with spring loaded arms, the Colt Pro perfects technique offensively and defensively. The steel frame is specifically made for striking. It can be used at multiple positions. For defensive players, it teaches perfect block-shedding, tackling and striking technique. On the offensive side, it teaches block fits and wide receiver releases while incorporating realistic leverage points. The Colt Pro provides visual aids for players and coaches that are looking to incorporate game-like movement.

THE MUZZLE: These offensive line mitts are engineered to improve punch and hand technique while drastically increasing foot speed. The mitts utilize magnetic technology to create perfect hands as players are forced to keep their elbow in with their thumbs pointing toward the sky. The muzzles have also been used by defensive backs to promote footwork in bump-and-run coverage. Winning individual matchups is about winning the leverage battles. Coaches harp on pad level and getting low, generating power from the center of gravity. The Muzzle reinforces these messages by using magnetic technology.