Throw a Pep Rally to Generate Excitement

By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

Bandys High (N.C.) athletic director Brandon Harbinson has used his own personal experiences and some creative thinking to successfully lead his school’s pep rallies.

Harbinson said pep rallies at his alma mater, Maiden, have helped to shape his athletic experience.

“I remember our pep rallies quite well,” he said. “[Maiden head football] coach Tom Brown would get on the microphone and have a ball. He’s never been bashful and always takes pride in getting people motivated. The football team ran around the gym while the band played, and Coach Brown stole the show.”

Now as the athletic director for the Trojans, Harbinson has been put front and center into making his new school’s pep rallies as fun as possible.

Harbinson believes there are several keys into making each Bandys pep rally successful.

“You have to make it about the kids,” he said. “You highlight the big things going on in your school, such as celebrating championships, academic achievements and other all-around great things happening in your building. The more people you involve, the more success you will have.”

Using his creativity and some “outside-of-the-box” thinking, Harbinson has helped to make the school’s football pep rallies at Bandys extremely special.

“This past football season, we went old school and had a car from the junkyard brought in by the Edmondson family,” Harbinson said. “We took sledgehammers, and the kids took turns demolishing the car. [Bandys teacher Chris] ‘Chopper’ Fulbright and I even took a couple hacks at it.”