The Texas Coach with the Legendary Speed Camp

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

Southlake Carroll High (Texas) coach Hal Wasson has created a legendary boot-camp style training session – “The Dragon Maker.” A portion of the session is devoted to improving his team’s collective speed.

Welcome to Boot Camp

The “Dragon Maker,” a boot camp-style training session performed every day for up to a month, is designed to build physical and mental toughness for Carroll players.

Part 1: The workout starts with 20 minutes of mental work, including play recognition and video review.

Part 2: 15 minutes of speed weights (high reps performed at low weight). Each athlete is assigned to one of 75 stations in the weight room. When the whistle blows, players shout “Dragon Pride” and quickly lift for 10 seconds.

Part 3: They then hustle to the next station to avoid ups-downs (players run in place then drop to the floor and pop back up as fast as possible), which are performed for up to 30 reps if players aren’t in sync.

Part 4: The workout transitions to the Thunderdome, a facility near the weight room where players perform pushups, sit-ups and up-downs for 15 minutes straight. Exercises must be performed together or everyone starts over.

Part 5: The last part of the training session ends with speed and agility for 15 minutes. Players are broken up into eight groups for high-intense mat drills, sled pulls, med ball work, foot fire and pro-agility drills.

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