The Spirit Shakers: Argyle (TX) Team Moms Parlay Popularity into BUBBA burger Contest Win

Staff Report

The Argyle High (Texas) Football Team Moms are known around Denton County for their spirit shakers, which they construct out of milk jugs and shake in the bleachers during games.

Now the Argyle Team Moms will be known across the state of Texas for something else.

FNF Magazine recently recognized the Argyle High Team Moms as the winners of the 2017 Friday Night Football Team Moms Contest, sponsored by BUBBA burger. This fall, FNF magazine set out to determine the school that boasted the best collection of football moms through an online vote at

The Argyle moms received 1,736 votes on their way to winning the contest for small schools (an enrollment of 1,000 or fewer students). The group earned the winning prize of $500 in the form of a donation to the football program.

In addition to handing out spirit shakers at football games, the Argyle Team Moms make many significant contributions to the program. The Team Moms host a prayer group at the field house each Monday, and write inspirational messages to players and coaches. They also host traditional team dinners and provide meals for coaches each Thursday during the season.

The Argyle Team Moms also formed a Sunshine Committee, which provides cards and visits to injured or sick team members. The Team Moms participate in pep rallies and awards assemblies.

“We’re a spirited group,” said Argyle Team Mom Kelly Dunham. “We have a lot of fun working together. What I love about the group is we don’t ever have to beg. It’s a great group of moms, and each mom can participate in as many areas as she wants.”

Argyle coach Todd Rodgers makes it a priority for his players to express their gratitude to the Team Moms.

“They all love to contribute,” Rodgers said. “We have a very strong, winning tradition. The moms enjoy having their boys be a part of something special like our football program. They love to be a fly on the wall and participate as much as they can. They’re amazing.”

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