The Secret to Keeping Players Hydrated


By Corey Long, FNF Coaches Contributor

As told by Dr. Joshua Scott, a primary physician at Primary Care Sport Medicine in Encino, Calif.

“We did a study where we weighed them, tracked them and let them self-direct their fluid intake. You’ll see a guy lose 10 pounds and two days later, by the next game, he has only put five of it back on. So, he is starting the next game five pounds down. He is already in trouble.

“To make it simple, the coaches can get a scale. They can post a chart above the scale and everybody has to weigh in and weigh out before every game and practice – really simple and really cheap. And now they know.

“They can teach the kids that they need to replace this fluid. It also gives a coach or the team doctor, [a chance to] go back and just scan down the chart. If you have 70 kids, you’ve got a couple pages up there. It’s like, “Wow! Did you see Bob here lost 12 pounds today? The next highest was seven. Let’s check on Bob right now.

“Are his calves and his hamstrings cramping? Is he getting abdominal cramping? Is he not responding as well? Is he a little slow? Does he seem a little confused? It gives them a guide to who to check on quickly. If we can help some kids, let’s help them.”