The Precautions Maryland Football Is Now Taking for Player Safety

Source: The Washington Post

The Maryland football team’s new reality had fully set in shortly before noon Wednesday, when officials opened the gates to the practice fields to reporters for the first time this summer. The team’s new safety measures were visible in every corner of the complex. Two new white tents were set up as hydrating stations, stocked with water, Gatorade and snacks. Three fans in the tents blew water on players during their two new mandatory breaks during the practice. Trainers rushed across the field every few minutes during drills to mist players in water with hydration packs, something the staff didn’t do in its previous two training camps under Coach DJ Durkin.

There were cold tubs situated 100 yards away from the practice field and near the entrance of the locker room, which was customary at training camp practices under Durkin. But everything else felt different. These were the same practice fields where 19-year-old offensive lineman Jordan McNair suffered from heatstroke during a workout on May 29, the same fields where Maryland personnel failed to adequately respond to his deteriorating condition. He died 15 days later.

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