The March Edition of FNF Coaches is Live!

The March edition of FNF Coaches is our Tech Issue. Our goal in addressing this theme is to educate coaches on new technology that can help them win games. We have features on products that can be used during strength training, while communicating with players and parents, and by players and coaches in-practice and in-game.

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X’s and O’s: Four Midline Options Plays From the Pistol Formation

For midline option plays out of the pistol, the defense must make adjustments to defend the midline. If your offense is blocking the play well, and the quarterback is making good reads, the defense will rely on players folding fast to make the play.


X’s and O’s: Alternative Alignments and Stunts From the Under Front

As most coaches would tell you, especially at the high school level, the philosophy of the defense is to stop the run first. Effectively stopping the run forces the offense to be more one-dimensional and thus more predictable.


Sideline Power: The No. 1 Choice for Coaching Communication

Sideline Power LLC specializes in outfitting teams with headsets, end zone and sideline cameras, drones and portable sound systems to improve the game experience for coaches, players and fans alike.

Five Footwork Drills From ‘The Footwork King’

Rischad Whitfield earned the nickname, “The Footwork King,” after training NFL stars like Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, Deandre Hopkins and Andre Johnson. He is now the go-to speed trainer for high school prospects in the Houston area.

The Frog – The Indisputable Game Changer!

The Frog is the result of years of relentless hard work, research and development, and scientific testing. The Frog is already being widely accepted throughout the NFL, the NBA, Pro Motocross, and MMA.