The Helmet That Displays Play Diagrams in the Visor (1:58)

Source: GoRout

Most coaches are familiar with GoRout’s wearable technology wristbands that are used in practice to run a faster tempo for the varsity and the scout team. But check out this video introducing GoRout’s new technology — the Vue-Up.

GoRout has designed an unprecedented form of football helmet technology, in which players can now see visual displays on their visors. GoRout Vue-Up™ is football’s first heads-up display (HUD).

Using a high-definition display, play designs are easily seen on their visors by players, while Vue-Up’s motion-sensor camera captures each play from the player’s point of view.

With GoRout Voice™, players can use verbal commands to change positions, practice groups, or learn more about an individual play as Vue-Up™ listens, learns, and responds back.

The Vue-Up can be programmed and made compatible with Riddell, Schutt Sports and Xenith helmets.

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