The Frog — The Indisputable Game Changer!

By Deborah Nolin, FNF Coaches Contributor

Just like other advances in football technology — such as cleats on shoes and the transition from leather helmets to hard plastic — The Frog is taking football training to an entirely new level.

The great Jimmy Johnson famously said, “Fatigue makes cowards of us all!” With that attitude, he vowed to use every tool at his disposal to make his team better prepared mentally and ensure SUPERIOR CONDITIONING! With access to The Frog, God only knows how many more Super Bowl Rings he would have racked up!

The Frog is the latest invention of lifelong athlete and serial entrepreneur Richard Pearce. The Frog, by Frog Fitness, Inc., is Pearce’s seventh startup company in his wildly successful “from rags to riches” career. Why should you care? Because Pearce is no normal novelty item inventor, but rather the type of guy with a long track record of creating breakthrough game-changing products that make a positive impact as detailed in Success Magazine.

“I’ve known Richard since I was a young girl; therefore I can share from experience that he truly started with nothing, and the only thing bigger than his brain is his heart,” says Deborah Nolin, lifelong friend and Director of Marketing for Pearce’s latest successful venture, Frog Fitness, Inc. “He cares about people. It is a trait which goes back to his youth when he put his own dreams aside to assist his father in the care of his mother as she battled the debilitating disease of Alzheimer’s.”

Five years ago, with his vast knowledge in athletics, the human body and nutrition, Pearce set out to create an “INNOVATIVE TOTAL BODY TRAINING DEVICE” meant for athletes of all disciplines … especially his beloved FOOTBALL with a keen focus on total body conditioning and injury prevention.

The Frog is the result of years of relentless hard work, research and development, and scientific testing. The Frog is already being widely accepted throughout the NFL, the NBA, Pro Motocross, and MMA. Even America’s most respected warriors throughout the U.S. Military are training with The Frog, and most recently Olympic athletes began adding The Frog to their training regimens. The end is nowhere in sight!

“It’s this simple, when used properly and added to your daily routine, you will either see dramatic changes in your body’s strength and stamina within 90 days, or you will be the first to ever ask for your 100% money back guarantee!” said Pearce.

All of this leads to how proud Frog Fitness is to be partnering with FNF. It gives Pearce and his staff the opportunity to reach out to well over 10,000 serious high school programs throughout the nation. Helping young men and women reach their full potential is HUGE to Frog Fitness!



THE FIRST 100 TEAMS – “That’s correct… 100 teams!” – and only the first 100 that contact Frog Fitness online ( and fill out the form for our free “Frog Fitness High School Trial” will qualify for shipment of five Frogs! You will also qualify to have them customized in your team colors along with a 90-day suggested workout plan.

For this trial time, you will not be charged one single cent! All Frog Fitness asks is that you work with the wonderful team at FNF and our in-house trainers to record how dramatically The Frog has improved your athletes’ performance as well as assisted with injury prevention and rehabilitation.

At the end of 90 days:

A: Repack your trial Frogs in the original packaging, request they be picked up, and pay absolutely nothing! (And receive a special recognition plaque for being the first to ever do so!)

B: Pay the invoice for the five you have and order any additional units that you may need.

C: Miss out on this phenomenal “Zero Risk” opportunity, and after you are beaten so badly by the teams that took us up on our offer, order when you are ready still with our 90-day money back guarantee.

There was a time when many teams did not see the advantage in having tacking sleds or even a modern-day weight room. Imagine the advantage you would have playing against teams that still believe in using neither … That is the type of difference the Frog can make for your team this season and going forward.

Let’s face it: the pros can buy whatever they want. There is a reason why so many are buying the Frog … The darn thing works!

Now it is up to you either go online at or pick up the phone and call 844-837-6443 to take advantage of this strictly limited offer. When these 100 slots for teams are gone, they’re gone!

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