The Frog ‘Makes You Fire Your Muscles Every Time You Lift’

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

Frog Fitness, Inc. delivered 12 Frogs to Abilene Cooper High (Texas) last July. Cooper head coach Todd Moebes says the training tools have “paid great dividends”.

Moebes led Cooper to a 9-4 record last season – with the four losses coming by a total of 14 points. With another offseason of training on the Frogs in his team’s future, the coach could see those losses becoming wins.

“It’s something we incorporate into everything we do,” Moebes said. “We’re still developing strength in high school athletes. The core lifts are still part of our offseason and in-season program, but we also utilize The Frog. It expands our strength and development program.”

The Frog is the result of years of relentless hard work, research and development, and scientific testing. The Frog is already being widely accepted throughout the NFL, the NBA, Pro Motocross, and MMA. Even America’s most respected warriors throughout the U.S. Military are training with The Frog, and most recently Olympic athletes began adding The Frog to their training regimens.

The Frog can be used to create inter-team competition with athletes racing up and down the field or simply seeing how long they can stay on the device with their core engaged.

“The competitive component is something we utilize in our offseason program,” Moebes said. “It’s paid great dividends for a lot of guys who have been injured. They’re able to rehab on a machine that has the versatility with bands and resistance.”

The Frog is also a problem-solver in that it brings attention to weaknesses and deficiencies in an athlete’s overall strength portfolio. Many Cooper athletes have turned weaknesses into strengths in the last year.

“Sometimes core lifts don’t really work stabilizer muscles or protector joints,” Moebes said. “That’s why a lot of people have gone to resistance training. The Frog makes you fire your muscles every time you lift. That’s something we’ve seen. Players are more comfortable and stronger in their shoulders, knees and hips.”

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