The Frog: ‘A No-Brainer’ for High School Teams That Want to Win

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Frog Fitness, Inc. delivered The Frog to various schools across the country before the start of the 2016 season. Many of the schools that used the training device went on to make playoff runs.

Lewisville High (S.C.) coach William Mitchell has discovered the remedy for his tired, bruised team as it prepares for a showdown in the third round of the South Carolina Class 1A Playoffs. Each player has to spend a portion of practice on The Frog.

“As we get late in the year, guys are keeping their overall core strength through their routine on The Frog,” said Lewisville (S.C.) coach William Mitchell. “We’re staying healthy as we get to the end of a long season. We’re coming up on our 13th game, and guys are dinged up. This is something we do on a daily basis for strength-building, injury prevention and building the core.”

The Frog is the result of years of relentless hard work, research and development, and scientific testing. The Frog is already being widely accepted throughout the NFL, the NBA, Pro Motocross, and MMA. Even America’s most respected warriors throughout the U.S. Military are training with The Frog, and most recently Olympic athletes began adding The Frog to their training regimens.

Lewisville (9-3) is not the only playoff team across the country that implemented The Frog into its training this season. Cocoa High (Fla.) also added The Frog to its training program last offseason as it prepared to defend its Florida State Class 4A championship. Cocoa (9-1) will play its second-round playoff game in Region 3-4A.

“We’ve been impressed with how versatile the machine is,” Cocoa coach John Wilkinson said. “I would definitely purchase them because it is a quick way to get a great workout or great stretch.”

Abilene Cooper (Texas) coach Todd Moebes also added The Frog to his strength and conditioning program prior to the season. Abilene (7-3) is now preparing for the Class 5A Division II Playoffs, and Moebes has noticed an increased motivation level among his players while training with The Frog.

“It is always great to see the player initiated competition that The Frog presents,” Moebes said. “Our players challenge each other on reps in all the different exercises The Frog provides. They have taken great ownership in how The Frog is developing their bodies even in an in-season regiment. We have used The Frog in all of our in-season training as well as post-game recovery.”

Miami Central (Fla.) coach Roland Smith agrees that The Frog is optimal for recovery, but also feels that his players have benefitted from the way the training device works a wide range of muscles.

“It works the whole core area – legs, thighs, quads, glutes, hamstrings, stomach,” Smith said. “It’s a total body workout, and it does a great job.”

After just one season of working with The Frog, Moebes can’t imagine building a strength program without one.

“The Frog is a no-brainer,” Moebes said. “The versatility of The Frog is second to none. Everyone is looking for a consistent resistant band-training regiment in their program. There is no other multi-use resistant band training equipment on the market that stands up to The Frog.”


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