GoRout’s Wearable Tech Helps Make Your Practice Perfect

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

GoRout is the only system that combines on-field wearable technology and real-time play-making software that helps football teams practice perfect.


GOROUT FOUNDER AND CEO MIKE ROLIH grew tired of watching coaches stop practice to signal in plays from the sideline while players stood idly waiting for their next rep. He decided to do something about it.

He created a wearable technology that gives coaches an opportunity to communicate with players in real time – without hand signals or bullhorns. In 2016, GoRout provides coaches an avenue to share their playbook, video replay, coaching tips and more with players during practice with the simple click of a button.

A coach simply programs his playbook and any other useful coaching tips to GoRout Steel, and then calls up plays during practice on a tablet. Players then receive the live feed on a weather-protected wrist sleeve. The information provided by the coach can be customized by position so that each player is receiving coaching tips pertinent to his role on the team.

“We learned right away that we had to be diverse in what the coaches would want to do,” Rolih said. “We had to design with a philosophy that we don’t care what the coaches do inside their system. It has to be adaptable to whatever they want to do in terms of scheme.”

Coaches can import their playbook from HUDL, use video or scan sketches plays. GoRout is debuting FLIX this year, a product that will allow coaches to film practice and then share the video immediately with players as they discuss coaching adjustments.

“Teams can run a rep and instantly capture those reps from any unlimited angle,” Rolih said. “A coach can decide to review that rep for instant on-field teaching without losing time.”

Making the most of practice time is the core mission of GoRout, and Rolih’s research has shown his company has been successful in achieving it. Rolih had two teams demo his product in 2014 before releasing it to the mass market in 2015. In order to test for the way in which GoRout made teams more efficient, Rolih asked teams that were accustomed to using GoRout to take a day off – going back to the previous hand-signal methods.

Rolih found that teams using GoRout saw a 60 percent increase in practice reps. The scout team efficiency also increased by 90 percent.

“It was night and day,” Rolih said. “It really gave us clear insight into how much faster teams are able to practice. In a 10-minute period, teams were able to run between 40 and 50 reps. Without them, they might run 12 to 14 plays in that span.”

Not only does GoRout train teams to play with improved pace and conditioning during games, it also helps bolster a team’s depth. Since the scout team is keeping pace and rotating players in and out of drills, the entire roster becomes more balanced and experienced.

“Most teams noticed that players from the scout team were running so many reps, they started to push for playing time,” Rolih said. “If you have kids running 50 reps in 20 minutes, and you’re cycling three-deep on one side, more kids get more meaningful time. That adds to the depth chart and helps players learn the proper technique. You won’t have a kid sit on the sidelines for an entire practice.”

For those coaches who fear that the quality in communication between coaches and players might suffer with players getting coaching tips from a display screen, Rolih argues just the opposite is true. Since a coach can easily access video from the previous rep or game tape, there are fewer opportunities for coaches and players to disagree on their interpretation of plays.

“The video eliminates that,” Rolih said. “If a coach says, ‘Stay inside,’ and a player says, ‘I was inside,’ you review the play and teach on the fly without having to stop practice.”

The average cost of GoRout per use ($7) is also a plus when considering the cost-per-use of other practice tools, such as the football sled ($23 per use), a tackling apparatus ($22.50) and lineman chute ($21.50).



The GoRout Vue is football’s only on-field display technology worn by players. With Vue, coaches send fully-animated digital play calls, coaching tips and assignments to every player instantly. Players select their position, see the play, and execute perfectly. With a rugged military-grade IP67 certification, Vue was designed to withstand the toughest of practices. Vue also gives coaches the option of sharing replay or other video.gorout.com/products



FLIX is the easiest way to capture video from any angle at practice. With SmartStart, FLIX alerts each camera a new play is starting and uses auto-tagging to easily sort and store the new video. Compatible with any Android or iOS device, coaches can now take on-field teaching to a new level by reviewing video and making critical adjustments to get your team ready for game day. gorout.com/flix



The Steel offers a simple design that feels uniquely familiar. OS Steel was designed to put the most critical information at your finger-tips, so you can spend more time on the field and less time at your desk. From importing playbooks to creating practice scripts, OS Steel is about efficiency. No other software gives you the freedom to make changes to your game plan or practice scripts on the fly. OS Steel provides all the power you want and the simplicity you need. gorout.com/steel/



When you receive your GoRout package, you immediately understand that every aspect of your experience has been considered and reconsidered. That’s why GoRout provides everything that you need to run the most effective practice you can regardless of your location or budget. To learn more about GoRout, visit gorout.com or call 507-272-7276. GoRout is the only playmaking technology that combines intelligent software and on-field wearable products to enhance practice for high school, college, and professional football teams.gorout.com/packages



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