The Case for Getting a New Scoreboard

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By Bryan Burns, FNF Coaches Correspondent

Three years ago, Calvary Christian High School in Clearwater, Fla., unveiled a new athletic facility, complete with artificial turf football field, eight-lane synthetic rubber track, lights and bleachers.

But the cherry on top, according to Warriors athletic director Darrell Don, is the fully digital, LED video Daktronic Jumbotron. It features instant replay, an 11-foot by 20-foot active area and HD sound, all controlled by a Hewlett-Packard touch smart computer.

“It’s really impacted the look of the whole facility,” Don said.

Advertising Opportunities: A large, visually pleasing scoreboard attracts eyes and is more conducive to selling advertising. Money from advertising can be pumped back into the program and, over time, pay for the cost of the scoreboard. Calvary’s new scoreboard has the potential to generate $50,000 to $70,000 a year.

Multi-Purpose Functionality: Every sport can benefit from a new scoreboard. Calvary has started hosting regional track meets and, with three roving cameras combined with picture-in-picture capability, spectators can watch the discus competition on the screen while sitting in front of the track for the 100-meter dash.

Community Pride: When potential students and their families tour Calvary, the scoreboard provides the wow factor. “It’s become a major tool for us,” Don said.