The CarbonTek Gen 3 Is Unlike Any Other Shoulder Pad System

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

CarbonTek will launch the Gen 3 shoulder pad system in January of 2018 with a goal of making the highest performing pad on the market.

CarbonTek Brand Manager Blake Reid spent the last four years as the Associate Athletic Director for University of Cincinnati, so he understands that football players can be particular about their equipment.

He believes the CarbonTek Gen 3 will fulfill each player’s desire to wear a light, durable, high-performance shoulder pad system that is comfortable – regardless of game conditions.

“With the Gen 3, we didn’t want to stop and say, ‘We already have a great pad,’” Reid said. “How can we make it better? The Gen 3 addresses our desire to continue providing a shoulder pad where performance and protection of the athlete is our main focus.”

CarbonTek’s biggest selling point since the original shoulder pad system was created has always been the fact that it provides two parts – an OS Technology Compression Vest and a Carbon Fiber Exoskeleton. The Compression Vest molds to the body, so it becomes a part of the player and reduces the force of impact. The Gen 3 was designed with an eye on making the Carbon Fiber Exoskeleton more flexible with increased range of motion.

“It increases the dispersion of energy and force reduction,” Reid said. “CarbonTek created a new technology that three or four years down the road can be utilized in other types of products. We always have an eye on making the game safer and keeping the athletes on the field longer.”

OS Technology Compression Vest

The inner compression vest is made of automotive grade foam which performs 20% better than standard EVA foam and can be used without the exoskeleton for non-contact days. The design holds the padding close to the body for maximum range of motion and is machine washable.

High Performance Carbon Fiber Exoskeleton

The lightweight exoskeleton is now stronger, constructed with 10 layers of 100 percent Aerospace grade carbon fiber. When combined with the OST Vest, on average the force felt was reduced by 63 percent verse comparable pads.

Improved Protection and Range of Motion

The pad is 10 percent lighter than comparable pads, keeping the athlete fresher during the fourth quarter. CarbonTek is designed to protect the skill athletes as impact positions, and allow the impact athletes move like the skill positions. The OS Technology Compression Vest comes in +2, +4 and +6 inches extended length for full rib protection.