The Best Apps for Football Coaches in 2020

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A good football coach is always looking for ways in which he can improve his program. We asked our Twitter audience to recommend apps for coaches. Here’s what they shared.

Hudl: The app allows coaches to study the video they’ve uploaded, or capture new video using their device. Coaches can watch an entire game, practice or opponent scout video. Analyze full breakdown data and make notes on each clip. Keep stats and upload video.

Hudl on iTunes

Hudl on Google Play

GroupMe: It’s like a private chat room for your team, position group or coaching staff. Have as many as you want, and it’s always free. Now, you can coordinate or organize meetings, practices, transportation, or parent communication. Keep in touch with your entire team all in the same place.

GroupMe on iTunes

GroupMe on Google Play

Coach.Me: Create your playbooks with ease. Everything needed to bring your play to life is just a click away. With state-of-the-art animation tools and customizable player options, CoachMe® PlayBook provides you the canvas for your masterpiece. The CoachMe® Network (Mobile to Web Collaboration) enables you to create, edit and share in both the mobile and web platforms.

Coach.Me on iTunes

Coach.Me on Google Play 

REPu: Everyone who follows professional or college sports is pretty familiar with using their favorite sports app to follow their teams. REPu strives for the same level of engagement and quality to in high school sports. The REPu mobile app is designed to make you feel like you’re using the ESPN, CBS Sports or Bleacher Report App.

REPu on iTunes

REPu on Google Play

JustPlay: Just Play provides coaches with football playbook and game planning tools to prepare faster and engage with today’s athlete. Build scouting reports, playbooks, and video quizzes with easy-to-use digital coaching tools. Integrate with Hudl/XOS/DVSport video. Print play sheets and scouts.

JustPlay on iTunes

JustPlay on Google Play 

Twitter: Football coaches can use Twitter to promote their program, coaching staff, players and brand. Share HUDL videos of players for college recruiters. Engage with other coaches for networking and mentoring opportunities. And keep track of future opponents and rivals through the Twitter app.

Twitter on iTunes

Twitter on Google Play 

Rack Performance: Using the Rack Performance Application, coaches can customize and schedule workouts, automate specific work and rest times, and follow the analytics of each athlete’s progression. By organizing, automating and tracking each athlete’s accountability, coaches can focus on teaching, motivating and building a winning culture.

Rack Performance on iTunes

Rack Performance on Google Play 

YouTube: One way coaches report using YouTube is when players ask them for demonstrations of correct lifting technique or playing technique and they want to communicate or find videos to share. Coaches can set up a YouTube channel, and grant the players access, and communicate through that medium.

YouTube on iTunes

YouTube on Google Play

FaceTime/Google Duo: Athletes today prefer to communicate through FaceTime to phone calls, email or even social media at times. Use your FaceTime app to get face-to-face with them for instruction, individual meetings, or just to check in and form closer bonds with your student-athletes. Coaches can communicate this way as well.

FaceTime on iTunes

Google Duo

TeamBuildr: A platform for any coach in any setting. Every day, thousands of coaches log into TeamBuildr to write training programs, build questionnaires and access athlete performance data. Whether you use iPads, Chromebooks or Android – TeamBuildr is fully compatible.

TeamBuildr on iTunes

TeamBuildr on Google Play

GoArmy Edge Football: GoArmy Edge Football is a FREE game-changing app created by the U.S. Army, that allows coaches to draw their plays on a digital whiteboard. Get mental reps from the first person perspective or any position on the field with real-time 3D graphics. GoArmy Edge Football comes pre-loaded with many example plays and drills for concepts such as formation recognition and RPO reads.

GoArmy on iTunes

GoArmy on Google Play

TeamFunded by Txtreme: TeamFunded by Txtreme is a mobile fundraising app for schools and first-responder organizations. TeamFunded App is an fundraising app which can be used by any school or organization. Through TeamFunded Mobile Application, a registered student/person from respective school or organization can share campaign details via various options such as Facebook, Twitter, SMS, email.

TeamFunded on iTunes

TeamFunded on Google Play

Skordle: Skordle is a social scoring app for high school and club sports. With Skordle, you can keep up with real time score updates for your favorite high school teams. Are you going to a game? Open the Skordle app and submit the score as it happens. With Skordle, you can have all the high school sports scores you want, right in your pocket.

Skordle on iTunes

Skordle on Google Play

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