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A Texas coach won the 2018 GSC Coach-to-Player Contest, providing his team with an opportunity to integrate a new communication system that allows coaches to speak directly into players’ helmets during practice.

Spring Hill (Texas) head coach Kelly Mercer has noticed a difference in the way his quarterback sees the field after two months of incorporating the GSC Coach-to-Player™ communication system into his team’s practices.

“The system helps train the quarterback’s eyes to see what we expect to see on Friday nights,” Mercer said. “We have to practice against our own scout team defense, so it’s hard to give him the exact look, but I can talk him through it. ‘Look, you’ll probably see the safety here.’ That’s the idea.”

Spring Hill won the 2018 GSC Coach-to-Player Contest in May and received one communication system that month. The FNF Coaches selection committee felt the Spring Hill nominations made the strongest case for the Coach-to-Player™ communication system.

GSC Coach-to-Player™ (C2P) provides coaches with an ability to speak to players directly in to their helmets during practice. Through the C2P practice system, a coach speaks into a handheld transmitting device and his voice is audible through the speakers loaded in the helmets of the players of his choice. The technology provides additional coaching opportunities while also helping to maintain or expedite the tempo of practice.

“We’ve seen that our quarterback is able to make quicker decisions on his own on Friday night,” Mercer said. “The system allows me to tell him what he should see on Monday and Tuesday, then we progress away from it as the week goes on.”

C2P also allows for more focused instruction from coaches to players due to its ability to customize the communication. For instance, multiple position coaches can listen to a coordinator call a play, and then provide specific instruction to his particular position group before the snap.

“We combine what we show on video with what we can tell them in practice, and it gives us a nice advantage,” Mercer said.

A 7-on-7 State Championship Credited to GSC C2P

Bellevue West High (Neb.) coach Mike Huffman used the GSC Coach-to-Player™ helmet system during his team’s 7-on-7 season for the first time this summer. He feels it’s no coincidence it won the first state championship in program history.

Huffman was first exposed to the GSC C2P technology at the 2018 Nebraska Shrine Bowl, when he served as coach of the North.

“They gave it to both teams and let us use it in practice and the game,” Huffman said. “Because of that experience, I remembered my mistake when it came time to coach 7-on-7 this summer. I kept it in my hand, and that helped us win the championship.”

Check out how Coach Huffman used Coach-to-Player™ (C2P) helmet communications this summer to win a state championship. His QB’s and WR’s are developing quicker than ever, check out how.

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