Texas coach Michael Wall: Lazser Down and Distance Markers give sideline ‘first-class look’

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Editor

Michael Wall is set to kick off his third season as head coach at Willis High (Texas) on Friday night. This season, Wall decided to make the transition to Lazser Down and Distance Markers, which offer instantaneous feedback on bright, easy-to-read LED displays, taking the guess work out of sideline strategy.

Wall has used the Lazser Down and Distance Markers at a couple of scrimmages. He recently shared his thoughts with FNF Coaches.

How did you become interested in Lazser Down?

“I have a relationship with (Lazser Down CEO) Mike Foster. He actually coached me. I heard about this new thing, and I liked the technology. I loved the to-go marker; I thought that was neat. I was initially interested because of the quality of the product.”

What are your first impressions now that you’re using it?

“It definitely looks first class on the sidelines. It lights up the sidelines and gives a modern day football element. We see it on TV on Saturday and Sunday. To have it in high school is pretty cool. We get the chain crew to help with it. I’m an offensive guy, and everyone knows that to-go distance is as accurate as possible. It changes the way we play-call, and it changes the mindset.”

Have you taken advantage of the sponsorship opportunity to have one of your partners place their logo on the marker?

“Not yet. We don’t have a sponsor right now, but I had the first interested party at our last booster club meeting. We bought it ourselves, so if we get the sponsorship, that will offset the cost. And they’ll get to see their logo lit up on the sideline.”

Listen to a podcast with Lazser Down CEO Mike Foster.

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