Texas coach Bob Cervetto: Lazser Down and Distance Markers ‘didn’t cost me a dime’

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Editor

Dublin High (Texas) coach Bob Cervetto wanted to add to his team’s game-day experience this season, so he purchased a set of down-and-distance markers that he’d seen on the sidelines of college games.

A few months later, the new set of Lazser Down and Distance Markers, which offer instantaneous feedback on bright, easy-to-read LED displays, have been fully funded by a sponsorship program set up by Lazser Down. Cervetto has used the Lazser Down and Distance Markers for five home games this season. He recently shared his thoughts with FNF Coaches.

How are the new Lazser Down and Distance Markers treating your program?

“Oh man, I’ll tell you what, it’s been great. We opened on Aug. 28, and the radio personnel for both teams complimented us. Everybody has been ecstatic so far through five home games. It’s been the clarity of it and the ambiance it adds to the sideline.”

Has it made a big impact for the coaching staff?

“No doubt, we use to guess how far we had to go for a first down. Now, we’ve got that set very fast. Both teams’ coaching staffs compliment us on how much better it is.”

Have you taken advantage of the sponsorship program?

“Yes, we partnered with Dublin Insurance. They basically paid for it. It didn’t cost me a dime. It was great.”

Has it changed the way you coach or call plays?

“I think having the visibility and knowing the exact distance to go impacts the decision-making. We used to have the guys in the booth tell us the yard mark and the hash mark where the ball was spotted. Now, we roll into the call much faster.”

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