Tech Corner with Sideline Power CEO Matt Starr

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

Sideline Power LLC specializes in outfitting teams with headsets, end zone and sideline cameras, drones and portable sound systems to improve the game experience for coaches, players and fans alike.

Sideline Power Matt Starr will serve as a regular guest in the Tech Corner column to share the latest trends in high school football.

What was the biggest trend in new technology in 2017?

“One of the biggest things I noticed at the end of last year was a lot more coaches using drones for technology if they want to get a better view. They want a leg up on their competitors. Ten years ago, you never heard of recording practice and breaking down film. Now there’s drone footage; it flies up and provides a straight up-and-down view. That’s one trend we’ve seen.”

What else are teams using during practice?

“Another tech product is our portable sound system. It allows coaches to come out to the field and communicate better with players. They can play music and get the kids involved that way. Those are the two hottest products going on right now.”

Have you noticed more interest in technology that provides communication between coaches and players during practice or games?

“Coach-to-player technology is another one. Coaches can talk to the quarterback and linebacker while they stand on the sideline and call in plays from practice. That’s something new right now. In college, they can’t do that during the game, but a lot of college teams are using it for practice. Now, high schools are starting to get that taste too. Some of the bigger high schools are using it, and it helps with communication.”

What type of new technology are coaches using in-game?

“Sideline Replay came out three or four years ago. More and more schools are getting it. HUDL jumped in that market two years ago and hurt some of those other companies. End zone cameras are something just about all schools have now. Those are the two main topics.”


Shooting Wide and Tight

For coaches with larger budgets, Starr said getting wide and tight angles for game film allows for more teaching opportunities.

One thing schools in Texas are doing is getting wide and tight shots on the sideline,” Starr said. “They like to see the footing of players and see wide and tight angles from the sideline and end zone. Coaches like breaking down video as much as they can. They like to see where guys are stepping wrong.”

Sideline Power offers a digital piggy back system that allows videographers to film wide and tight angles from one camera stand and one control.

“You can have one camera guy controlling all three angles,” Starr said. “It has an option to air link the sideline and end zone cameras in HD so you have the same amount of plays from the sideline and end zone. It’s hard to match; most systems don’t do that.”


Sideline Power

Sideline Power LLC is the No. 1 Choice in Coaching Communication providing a wide variety of coaching headsets, end zone cameras, sideline replay and other technology needs for all athletic programs.


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