TeamSnap Helps Coaches and Players Save Time

By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

TeamSnap is a web and mobile app designed to help coaches and players save time. More than 15 million users are using the app and database to share schedules, stats and messages.

TeamSnap has two sides to its business – one for teams and the other for larger clubs and sports leagues.

From the team side, the app can be used by coaches and team leaders to share schedules and messaging across a team-wide platform. Once a coach enters a schedule and roster for his team, those lists will be synched to the app for all of the players and parents. The coach can also provide messages through email, push notifications, message board posts, text message or TeamSnap Live to alert team members of schedule changes, dress codes, field directions and more. Players can respond to let coaches know if they will be in attendance for scheduled team functions, whether they need transportation, or the reason for their anticipated absence.

“The idea is to save coaches time,” said TeamSnap Partner Relationships Manager Evan Williams. “It’s a communication platform that keeps it simple.”

Williams said the average team pays approximately $10 per month for TeamSnap features.

On the club and league side, a commissioner or club administrator has access to features on a more robust scale. The administrator can communicate with division leaders all the way down to players and parents on particular teams.

Administrators also have access to registration, payment tracking, marketing consultation and website design.

“More customers are coming to us to organize their clubs or leagues,” Williams said. “We’re placing an increasingly large focus on this aspect of the business.”



  • TeamSnap handles the scheduling for teams, clubs and leagues. A coach can synch a schedule to all of the users linked to his team page.
  • The app will alert parents and players when events are postponed or cancelled.
  • Coaches using TeamSnap can communicate with team members using text message, push-note notifications, email or TeamSnap Live, an open group chat form for events and teams.
  • Coaches can post statistics, rosters, schedule, forms, links to videos, player cards and more.
  • Club and league administrators can communicate with customized audiences, such as select teams, coaches, parents or players.
  • The TeamSnap app can handle registration, payment tracking and marketing consultation (web design) for clubs and leagues.



  • TeamSnap saves coaches time by handling scheduling and communication outside of team functions.
  • Coaches can get a sense of which players will be attending team functions in advance.
  • The app cuts down on paperwork for coaches, and allows them to spend more time focusing on teaching fundamentals and game-planning.
  • A coach will never have to initiate a phone tree to notify team members of postponements or cancellations.
  • TeamSnap will save league administrators from having to monitor registration and payments.
  • The cost per player (typically $0.50 to $1.00 per month) is insignificant when compared to the time saved from not having to reach out to coaches for schedule updates or directions.


Game Changer

“The best thing we’re being told that is resonating with coaches is that our club and league version is saving coaches 15 hours a week in administrative duties on average,” said TeamSnap Partner Relationships Manager Evan Williams.


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