Teach the Perfect Bubble Screen Drill (1:50)

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Source: USA Football

As more offenses move to spread formations and quick passes in space, it is important for young quarterbacks to work on developing the proper mechanics to throw a bubble screen. A bubble screen is a play in which a receiver lines up wide but cuts quickly toward the quarterback on the snap to receive a pass with blockers in front of him. With the quarterback in a normal shotgun alignment and a receiver in the boundary, key coaching points include: Catching and throwing the ball as quickly as possible — play “Hot Potato” Focus on proper footwork, including one lateral shuffle to throw to the side of the field opposite the QB’s throwing arm When throwing to the same side of the field as the QB’s throwing arm, snap around the ball like a double play in baseball Finish down and through with the shoulder to ensure an accurate throw – See more at: http://usafootball.com/blogs/fundamen…