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March 2019: Wall High (Texas) Coach Houston Guy with (front left) Nate Fedor, Colton Diebitsch, Kep Granzin, Stuart Bumann, (front right) Will Ferreira, Mason Fuchs, Kalani Celaya, Joe Walker

Feb 2019: Milton High (Georgia) Coach Adam Clack with players Dyland Leonard (no. 2), Ricky Haviland (no. 22) and Jack Nickel (no. 86).

Oct/Nov 2018: Plant High (Fla.) football coach Robert Weiner (center) stands with seniors Jude May (5) and William Putnam (56), along with junior Tucker Gleason (4) and senior Leonard Parker (6)

Aug/Sep 2018: White Haven High (TN) Coach Rodney Saulsberry, Courtney Sharpe, Vincent Guy, Cormontae Hamilton and Tyler Hunter