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Aug/Sep 2019: We investigate the current officiating crisis and why participation numbers among officials have declined in the last few years. We also offer tips for coaches in improving this important relationship.

March 2019: Wall High (Texas) Coach Houston Guy with (front left) Nate Fedor, Colton Diebitsch, Kep Granzin, Stuart Bumann, (front right) Will Ferreira, Mason Fuchs, Kalani Celaya, Joe Walker

Feb 2019: Milton High (Georgia) Coach Adam Clack with players Dyland Leonard (no. 2), Ricky Haviland (no. 22) and Jack Nickel (no. 86).

Oct/Nov 2018: Plant High (Fla.) football coach Robert Weiner (center) stands with seniors Jude May (5) and William Putnam (56), along with junior Tucker Gleason (4) and senior Leonard Parker (6)