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In this edition of FNF Coaches we chronicle the challenges high school football is facing and salute efforts to keep the community and players safe and motivated. Keep fighting the good fight!

The Summer edition of FNF Coaches has an Innovation and Technology theme. We highlight the products and companies that help make a coach's job more efficient.

Feb. 2020: Our Coach of the Year edition includes selections of 50 Coaches of the Year – including one from each state. Read about their stories of team-building and sacrifice.

Dec/Jan 2020: Players from Dixie Hollins and Northeast High lock arms before a game during a moment of silence for former Northeast senior Jacquez Welch, who died suddenly after collapsing on the field during a game.

Oct/Nov 2019: As participation numbers have decreased among players at the youth and high school level across the nation, one of our partners, USA Football, has worked toward implementing a progressive introduction to the game for players of all...

Aug/Sep 2019: We investigate the current officiating crisis and why participation numbers among officials have declined in the last few years. We also offer tips for coaches in improving this important relationship.