Tackle Tube Offers a ‘Huge Safety Factor’

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

For high school football coaches tasked with teaching tackling technique in limited live practice periods, the Tackle Tube offers the perfect solution.

With concussion research at the forefront of the sport of football, coaches are limited to the number of full-pad practices they can hold each week. As a result, it has become more difficult to teach tackling technique, since there are fewer opportunities to run live drills.

The Tackle Tube is designed to give coaches a tool that will facilitate correct tackling position and hones judgment and timing. The mobile ring made of high density energy absorbent foam allows coaches to provide both a stationary and moving target while teaching perfect form.

“When it comes to tackling, technique is key,” said Tackle Tube CEO Steve Sloan. “You can’t just throw the players out on the field without teaching technique. From a safety standpoint, this allows players to hit the tube at different angles, speeds – and the fact that they’re hitting this instead of hitting each other is also a huge safety factor.”

The Tackle Tube website also offers several instructional videos for coaches looking to incorporate the Tackle Tube into their practices. A tackling progression video begins with the shoulder punch, then moves the player onto all fours, then starts the player on either one knee or two knees, and finally moves the player to a standing position for the swoop step.

“What’s just as important as teaching the technique is the confidence the players get from using this tool,” Sloan said. “It’s amazing. The more confident a player is, the harder he’ll play, and the more productive he’ll be on the field.”



  • Offers three sizes (junior, youth, adult)
  • Used by schools, colleges and clubs
  • Has multi-sport use (football, rugby, martial arts)
  • Weatherproof and durable
  • Access to instructional videos
  • Offers the ability to tackle in motion
  • Hard-wearing PVC outer
  • High density foam core
  • Grab handles



  • Promotes good body position
  • Increases agility
  • Improve tackling technique and timing
  • Offers as close to game speed as you can get
  • Simulates game situations
  • Will not deflate or lose shape
  • Great for all-around fitness


Game Changer

“Tackle Tube is the new way, in fact it’s really the only right way. It’s not only a safer way to tackle but it also makes since. We love what Tackle Tube has to offer”

Shannon Benton, Head Coach Frostproof High School Frostproof, Florida


Tackle Tube

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