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We are proud to present our fourth monthly edition of 2017, which has a player safety theme. April is the perfect time for each coach to take stock of his program and make sure he is providing a safe environment for their student-athletes.

Ensuring player safety is all about having a plan, and we do our best to help coaches formulate one.

The January, February and March editions of FNF Coaches were mailed to coaches across the country – free of charge. Starting this month, coaches will need a subscription to FNF Coaches to receive the magazine on a monthly basis.

FNF Coaches magazine is 100-percent dedicated to high school football coaches. Our intent is to inform coaches on the latest trends and technology advancements in the industry. Each issue will feature an X’s and O’s section with team strategies, training advice, fundraising tips, coaching profiles, health and prevention keys and the latest team-building practices.

The publication schedule includes editions in January, February, March, April, May, Summer, September and November. Coaches can order an eight-issue subscription at for $26.95 plus $3 for shipping and handling.

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