Spring Football Games Have Been Approved in Georgia

By Ed Hooper, FNF Coaches Correspondent

The Georgia High School Association approved in April the playing of spring football games starting in 2017. With the approval of the rule, teams throughout the GHSA will now be able to play in spring football games against other teams from the state of Georgia. Previously, teams were only authorized to hold split-squad scrimmages in the spring.

The spring practices figure to:

  • Boost spring participation among players
  • Provide more incentive to players
  • Make the 10th and final spring practice more competitive.


Member schools of the GHSA are allowed 10 spring practices in a 13-day span starting in February of each year. Starting in 2017, the 10th practice may now be used as a spring game against an opposing team.

“I wish it was for this year coming up,” Brooks County coach Maurice Freeman told reporters in April. “I love it, I love it.”

The addition of spring games will add an incentive for players in the months of January through April, said Norcross coach Keith Maloof.

Schools from throughout Georgia will still have the option to not hold the 10-practices in the spring, in return getting an extra preseason scrimmage in the fall. Many schools from smaller classifications, such as 2015 Class A state runner-up Irwin County, opt to skip spring practices due to the lack of participation by players due to spring sport commitments.

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