Six Ways to Improve Your Team’s Website

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By Walter Villa, FNF Coaches Correspondent

Every coach would love to see his team’s accomplishments documented on a website geared toward fans, recruiters and prospects. Here are six tips for making that happen.

1 Create a vision and document it. “What we tell coaches is the website is to communicate, motivate and raise funds,” said Tim Byrnes of Varsity Net works.

2 Look at alternative content management,, and all have free, easy-to-use services with tons of programming options.

3 Ask your current vendors how to integrate their products into your website (statistics, video, photography).

Find parents, boosters, teachers and students to manage and input the content. Content is king when it comes to these sites. To have a site that flourishes, it must constantly be updated.

5 Create an online store. Sell school apparel and allow alumni and fans to donate.

6 Communicate regularly. Comments and practice announcements to fellow coaches, players and parents should be made through the site. This will make everyone utilize the site as a resource and will automatically create relevance.

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