Sideline Power: The No. 1 Choice for Coaching Communication

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

Sideline Power LLC specializes in outfitting teams with headsets, end zone and sideline cameras, drones and portable sound systems to improve the game experience for coaches, players and fans alike.

“We take care of our clients’ communication needs,” said Matt Starr, CEO of Sideline Power LLC. “We support our clients by providing the best products for the best price with the best support.”

Sideline Power started in 2011 as a leader in headset communication technology for coaching staffs. Over the last six years, the company has developed packages as basic as the X Series, which is priced as low as $1,600 for a five-coach setup, and as elaborate as the MULTIVOICE, which is priced at $6,250 for a package with a 5-coach setup.

In the past year, Starr opened a separate facility for the sole purpose of headset reconditioning. A coach can send his entire set of headsets for reconditioning. The set will be returned with a full report of 10-point inspection for between $300 and $400 – depending on the season.

Sideline Power LLC has also embraced the latest advances in technology in sideline and end zone replay, as well as drones and portable sound systems. Sideline Power supplies coaches with the No. 1 drone on the market, DJI, and many coaches use the aerial photography to get practice footage.

“A lot more schools are using drones for practices,” Starr said. “Coaches love it because it’s a lot more mobile, and they love getting that aerial view.”



  • Sideline Power LLC is the No. 1 choice in coaching communication providing a wide variety of coaching headsets, end zone cameras, sideline replay, drones, sound systems and other technology needs for all athletic programs.
  • Sideline Power also specializes in portable sound systems that allow coaches to simulate crowd noise.
  • Sideline Power leads the sports technology industry in customer service.
  • Sideline Power offers headset reconditioning and allows coaches to trade in used headsets and/or purchase new ones.
  • Sideline Replay offers coaches the ability to get a quote and request brochures through the website:
  • Sideline Power has teamed up with ABC Fundraising® to help coaches raise funds to get the coaching equipment their schools need to have a competitive advantage.
  • Sideline Power will be represented at 23 clinics all over the country in 2017, offering coaches an opportunity to test out the products in person.



  • Sideline Power takes full responsibility for a team’s communication technology, allowing coaches to focus on teaching players and game-planning.
  • Sideline Power offers 24-7 support for any communication products the company offers.
  • Sideline Power can customize a communications package for any team and all budgets.
  • Sideline Power offers coaches a one-stop shop for all of their technology needs – from headsets, to replay systems, to drones, to audio equipment.
  • Sideline Power is a authorized Consumer Priority Service Dealer. This means that the company cares about coaches and their tech products long after the purchase date. As a CPS dealer, Sideline Power can easily extend a manufacturer warranty by as much as two full years for a total of four years from the date of purchase.
  • Sideline Power adds to its menu of communication options each year so that coaches don’t have to research the latest industry trends. Sideline Power does it for coaches.


Game Changer

“We needed new headsets after Game 2, and Sideline Power responded by noon on Saturday,” said Mitchell High (S.D.) head coach Kent VanOverschelde. “By Monday, we had a new headset system shipped and received by Thursday morning. Matt and his staff supplied us with a great product that will benefit our program into the future.”


Sideline Power

Sideline Power LLC is the No. 1 Choice in Coaching Communication providing a wide variety of coaching headsets, end zone cameras, sideline replay and other technology needs for all athletic programs.


Phone: 1-800-496-4290

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