Sideline Power: Setting the Standard in Coaching Technology

By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Editor

The last thing a coach wants to think about during a game is technology – whether it comes in the form of headsets, end zone cameras, sideline replays, timing systems, drones or portable sound systems. Sideline Power owns that responsibility so coaches can focus on the action.

“More than 5,000 high school and 500 college programs use our stuff. More than half of the top-20 ranked high school teams in the country use our stuff.” – Sideline Power CEO Matt Starr

Launched in 2011, Sideline Power specializes in outfitting teams with headsets, end zone and sideline cameras, timing systems, drones and portable sound systems to improve the game experience for coaches, players and fans alike.

“We take care of our clients’ needs,” said Matt Starr, CEO of Sideline Power. “We support our clients by providing the best products for the best price with the best support.”

Sideline Power started in 2011 as a leader in headset communication technology for coaching staffs. Over the last decade, the company has developed packages as basic as the X Series All-In-One, which is priced as low as $400 per headset for a two-, three- or four-coach setup, and as elaborate as the Vokkero Guardian C2C, which is priced at $21,584 for a package with a 16-coach setup.

Over time, the innovators at Sideline Power have embraced the latest advances in technology in sideline and end zone replay, as well as Lazser Down first-down markers, timing systems, coach tablets, drones and portable sound systems. Sideline Power supplies coaches with several drone options made by DJI, and many coaches use the aerial photography to get practice footage.

Sideline Power also specializes in portable sound systems that allow coaches to simulate crowd noise. The speakers can serve as public address systems and provide in-game entertainment in the form of music or hype speeches. The Bigfoot Sound System uses Bluetooth wireless technology, so it is portable with a weight of less than 50 pounds.

“We started a Good, Better, Best Program, so we don’t just target high-budget programs,” Starr said. “We’ll work with you whether it fits your budget or not. We have something for you.”

Sideline Power

Sideline Power is the No. 1 Choice in Coaching Communication providing a wide variety of coaching headsets, end zone cameras, drones, timer, portable sound systems and other technology needs for all athletic programs.


Phone: 1-800-496-4290

The #PoweredUp Clinics

In 2021, Sideline Power will host four #PoweredUp clinics in 2020 – two in Nebraska, one in Nevada, and one in Arkansas. The #PoweredUp clinic offers coaches freebies, technology information, coaching advice, and opportunities to expand their networks. Sideline Power specializes in outfitting teams with headsets, end zone and sideline cameras, drones and portable sound systems.

Per the terms of a recent partnership agreement, Sideline Power will host the Clinic of Champions in Reno, Nev. – the longest-running coaches clinic for high school football coaches.

“It has helped with our relationships,” Starr said. “We were going to several clinic a year, and this is a way to give back and get our products in front of coaches.”

 Matt Starr on the FNF Coaches Podcast

Starr joined FNF Coaches Managing Editor Dan Guttenplan on the FNF Coaches podcast in May. Listen to the pod.

Featured Products

The CoachPad

MSRP: $850

The CoachPad™ is an efficient way to prepare scout cards for practice, whether that is loading a PDF from a drawing software you currently use (Hudl Practice Scripts, JustPlay, Visio, PowerPoint, etc) or by drawing them all by hand.  No more stuffing a binder full of clear vinyl sheets! Ever have a card drawn wrong or wanted to modify the play?  The CoachPad™ allows you to erase and redraw easier than ever outdoors on either a PDF or hand drawn card. 

Legacy End Zone Camera Monopod

MSRP: $1,650

Take your practice film to the next level with the 15ft Legacy MonoPod. Made out of lightweight carbon fiber, the MonoPod allows your filmer to be mobile and move around the field to capture the action up close and personal. Easy to set up and use, the MonoPod will give you a simple and direct view to see what the players are seeing.

X Series All-In-One Headsets

MSRP: $400 per headset

The X Series All-In-One Headset is an affordable option for easy-to-use, clear communication during the game and at practice.

EVS25 – Complete Setup with Sony Camera

MSRP: $5,595

The EVS25 has been the top selling endzone tower for over a decade because of its versatility and ease of operation. The EVS25 has stood the test of time because of standard options such as the winch system, the patented pan/tilt, and other features that set EVS apart from all others.

Q&A with Sideline Power CEO Matt Starr

How has your business been affected by the pandemic?

“We saw a little dip in March when everything hit. April was a record month of April for us. It was pretty good for us. We’ve been busy and off to a great start for May.”

Are you getting most of your business from high school or college coaches?

“A little bit of both. I heard from a lot of high school coaches who said the buses weren’t running so they had a little extra money to spend. It’s either spend it now or lose it. They took advantage of that, so we hit up a lot of schools and got a lot of orders.”

Is your background in coaching or technology? How did you become the founder of Sideline Power?

“It’s been a wide variety of things. I started Sideline Power in 2011. My previous background was with the U.S. Olympics years ago. Then I got into semi-pro indoor football. I went to a company, Game Plan, in 2004 and 2005. It was a short stint, and then I was one of the ones that got DSV rolling. DSV old to HUDL in 2011, so I had a lot of coaching contacts at the time. I was doing editing software, and then I focused on coaching headsets. Our main focus was headsets in 2011, and it grew from there. I added on several products, and we now offer a wide variety of coaching communication needs.”

How do you stay ahead of the trends?

“I’m kind of a tech nerd myself. I always look for the latest and greatest thing. I’m a coach myself. I coach high school basketball so I see the needs. I understand the football world. I always see the needs and try to get them the latest and greatest products.”

How has your team been communicating with clients during the pandemic?

“We always have guys on the road visiting coaches and clinics. Now, we have time. We created a #PoweredUp coaching community page on Facebook that already has 1,000 coaches. We’re sharing ideas. We offer a free live clinic on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. We also have one of our reps – a former WWF wrestler and professional football player – do a Q&A on Thursday at 2 p.m. We have been very creative in finding ways of marketing our products. We’re not trying to push it down our clients’ throats. We’re seeing what we can do to help coaches get through this.”

How do you think the industry will change as a result of all this?

“We’re doing more demos on Zoom instead of face-to-face meetings. We’re hopping on Zoom and going over products from A to Z. We still specialize in end zone cameras, drones and headsets. We offer one of the best reconditioning systems out there with a thorough cleaning. Not much of what we sell will change, but how we sell will change with more Zoom meetings.”