Separate Starters and Developmental Players in Weight Room

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By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

The Juniata football team has two different in-season strength programs – one for developing players and one for game-day contributors.

The game-day contributors have a light recovery day on Sunday, a more intense day on Tuesday, and a warmup lift on Thursday. The developmental players will basically continue with an off-season program during the season, lifting hard three days a week.

“Developmental players can do more strength and speed,” Smith said. “Our players that play on Saturday, we have days when we might not hit the weights at all, unless we’re going extremely light. They have two different goals – one group is trying to maintain while the other is trying to make strength gains.”

Smith said strength coaches can make the mistake of prioritizing strength training over practice on the field.

“Our big thing in-season is letting them recover from games and practice,” Smith said.

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