SC Coach Wants to Establish “IMG-Like” Program

By Derek Smith, FNF Coaches Correspondent

Ultra-successful coach Chad Grier has left Davidson (N.C.) Day for an innovative school in Mount Pleasant, S.C., and he’s hoping to build a winner there, too.

Grier, who spent seven years at the Mecklenburg County private school and won four state championships (2011, 2012, 2013, 2015), is the new head coach at Oceanside Collegiate Academy, a charter school outside Charleston, S.C., where students can earn up to two years of college credit before graduating high school.

“To me the allure was the chance to build something IMG-like for free like a public school,” he said.

Grier said students spend four hours a day on academics and four hours on athletics, and take college classes during their junior and senior years.

The Landsharks struggled in their inaugural season of football playing a varsity schedule and finished 0-8, outscored 352-57 with a forfeit.

Grier expects to have over 70 players in the program this year, including Wake Forest commit Sam Hartman, a transfer from Davidson Day.

“I’m incredibly excited about what they’re doing and we have some kids that can play,” he said. “(Hartman) is fantastic. If there are five better (quarterbacks) the country I’d like to see them.”

Hartman, 6-foot-1, 165-pounds, has thrown for 6,388 yards and 69 touchdowns in two varsity seasons.

“This was a chance for Sam to finish his career with me,” Grier said. “We’ve been together a long time.”