Riddell Can Customize, Personalize Helmet Selection with Smart Helmet Technology

By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Editor

Riddell has long been recognized for producing football products with the intention of making player safety the highest priority. With a line of new equipment and technologies that includes Insite Training Tool, Riddell has helped make the sport of football safer for athletes at all levels.

For over 20 years, the innovators at Riddell have utilized data collected through a sophisticated head impact monitoring system, Riddell’s Sideline Response System, to identify ways in which the helmet-maker can make the game safer for football players. Since its introduction over 10 years ago, Riddell SRS has been used by major research institutions that are collecting data to help better protect players and inform important rule changes. The technology has been validated many times and serves as the basis for the well-publicized Virginia Tech Star Ratings of football helmets. In addition to leveraging the data to improve helmet performance, Riddell set out to produce an impact alert system that is accessible and affordable for high school and youth football teams.

The Riddell InSite Impact Response System achieves that goal by providing teams with a helmet-based impact monitoring technology designed to alert coaches and trainers when significant impacts are sustained during football practices and games. InSite helps sideline staff detect atypical head impact exposures for football players based on their level of play and position using sensors in the helmet that send alerts to a handheld monitor. Team staff can also use InSite software to track player alert history and learn more about the impact exposure.

Thad Ide, Riddell’s Senior Vice President of Research and Product Development, recently joined FNF Coaches to discuss Riddell Insite Training Tool.

I know Riddell has studied data from over 7 million impacts through the Insite Impact Response system. What have you determined?

“It has informed us on how to design protective equipment and will very likely lead to helmets that are position specific and skill level specific.”

How else are helmets personalized for the individual player?

“Riddell is in its third-year of using the tech, Precision Fit. We scan the surface of a player’s head and create a customized liner that fits the surface. Think of them like finger prints. No two are alike. We use that to create 100-percent custom fitted helmets. It’s an elite technology that more than half of the NFL is using. It will find its way to the high school ranks.”

Do you send out a rep to scan the heads?

“We’re developing a mobile app that will scan the surface of a player’s head and relay the information to Riddell. We’ll then create a suggested fit helmet. Currently, Riddell has to have a rep on site, but it won’t be long before a coach can line up 40 players and scan the surfaces of their heads, upload to Riddell, and we’ll suggest the best fit for them.”

Riddell Insite Training Tool (ITT)

ITT and its features are designed for smarter practice, smarter play, and for coaches that are in constant pursuit of both.

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