Report: The Elimination of the High School Kickoff in Ohio May Be Inevitable

Source: WCPO Cincinnati

The elimination of the high school football varsity kickoff may be just a matter of time.

While Ohio isn’t facing that possibility this season, new sub-varsity rules have clearly stoked discussion among coaches, administrators and fans about what may be an inevitable path.

Player safety continues to be widely analyzed at all levels of the game and while there is no data about injuries suffered as result of high school kickoffs in Ohio, Ohio High School Athletic Association administrators believe the new rules are a natural course of action.

Kickoffs are no longer permitted in freshman games, and they are only permitted in junior varsity games if both head coaches mutually agree in OHSAA contests.

Kickoffs are already not permitted in junior high games in Ohio. In games with no kickoffs, the ball will be spotted at the 35-yard line to start halves and after scores. The ball will be spotted at the 50-yard line after a safety.

Indiana and Kentucky do not have such kickoff rules at the sub-varsity levels like Ohio has implemented this season.

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