Rent — Don’t Buy — New Football Technology

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Tribune photo by Aaron Piper / Seymour head football coach Josh Shattuck works with players on Tuesday during a week-long football camp.

By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

Seymour High (Ind.) coach Josh Shattuck has upgraded the way in which his team will share a game plan this season.

Shattuck’s staff and players will use Just Play Sports Solutions app, which offers an expanded version of the app his team used last season – Coach’s Clipboard.

A Trial Run

Shattuck admits that not all new technology makes life easier on a coaching staff.

That’s why he makes every effort to rent new technology or commit to the shortest lease. He recommends that coaches check the details of a product warranty to ensure that if a product doesn’t work for that particular staff, it can be returned.

“Pay annually whenever possible,” Shattuck said. “If we’re going to allocate funds that we’ve generated through hard work and fundraising, we’re going to use this stuff. If not, we won’t re-subscribe. We’ll pay once and then pull the plug. Lesson learned.”

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