Read About the Florida Football Team’s Innovative Nutrition Strategy

Source: The Gainesville Times

Here’s a good story about how an overweight high school lineman lost close to 50 pounds to earn a scholarship at the University of Florida.

UF has expanded its sports nutrition staff to serve all 526 athletes in 19 sports, including Taylor. Since 2014, Florida’s sports nutrition budget has increased by roughly $700,000, with a staff of nine full-time and hourly employees.

Since the NCAA changed its rules in 2014 allowing athletes to receive unlimited meals and snacks, Florida made meals and snacks readily available for athletes in different locations, including fuel bars at the Hawkins Center, in the basketball and Southeast End Zone weight rooms and at each facility’s locker room/players lounge areas.

During football camp, Perno monitors breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks each day. Each meal’s balance depends on each player’s goals.

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