Quiz Players Using a Game Plan App

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Tribune photo by Aaron Piper / Seymour football coach Josh Shattuck goes over film on the sidelines during a scrimmage at Bulleit Stadium.

By Dan Guttenplan, FNF Coaches Managing Editor

A high school football coach now has the ability to share a game plan with his players using an app that includes diagrams, video, scouting reports, messaging and quizzes.

Seymour High (Ind.) coach Josh Shattuck has upgraded the way in which his team will share a game plan this season.

Shattuck’s staff and players will use Just Play Sports Solutions app, which offers an expanded version of the app his team used last season – Coach’s Clipboard.

Just Play allows coaches to prepare playbooks, game plans, scouting reports and quizzes for players. Just Play is an upgrade from Coach’s Clipboard in that it allows coaches to import any type of file, including HUDL video, and attach it to specific play designs. It also has the ability to provide other metrics, such as player analytics (usage, training workload), and offers a messaging service that allows teams to communicate.

One other notable difference between apps is the cost. Just Play will cost Seymour $1,300 for this season, while Coach’s Clipboard is available for $0.99 per download.

“We just got this, and it has a lot of interesting functions,” Shattuck said. “We can imbed diagrams into video to show the play two different ways. It’s a giant library with quiz features. Football players learn in different ways, and this offers players a few different options.”

A big draw for Shattuck is the quiz feature, which allows him to get a better sense of which players are mentally prepared.

“We can imbed video scout cards and essentially customize what a specific player is getting in terms of information,” Shattuck said. “I like the idea of being able to see what they’re processing too.”

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